About Us

What is aeoeaa?

AE OE AA = Æ Ø Å  is a synonym yo the Scandinavian language and font.
Since the past 1000 years. Å has been a part of the spoken word in Scandinavia.

What is _ACT

_ACT is the actual brand mission in aeoeaa_ACT and means Always Communicate Truth.
We believe that an honest message from the heart can penetrate all the visual noise we are exposed to every day.


Why aeoeaa_ACT?

Internationally as well as national, the Nordic design and expression are acknowledged and appreciated.
AE OE AA has a clear Scandinvian sound and visual appeal, which understand but very recognisable.
The sound and shape of “the spoken word” is the key vision in aeoeaa_ACT.


What does aeoeaa_ACT want?

When using social media, side effects as isolation, stress, inferiority and addiction may occur.
That’s why aeoeaa_ACT wants to use social media to communicate “_ACT the spoken word” which is the conversation, the presence, the contemplation and the face to facecommunication.
In collaboration with a selection of influencers, aeoeaa_ACT wants to comminicate their stories about living the virtual life and show the real people behind the camera.
By doing this, we can help remove the illusion and expectation that we as individuals need to be perfect.


Are you ready to _ACT?


_ACT wants to create AWARENESSabout the stress and addiction of the social media impact. 

_ACT statement. Human beings can shoe EMPATHY, where SoMe only have algorithms. 

_ACT are OPPOSITTION against the part of social medias that distract you from being pressent and the spoken word. 

_ACT believes that if a mind is not weakened by visual noice it can ENGAGE in real life and ACHIEVE great things. 

_ACT is AUTONOMY and uses the social medias against itself to communicate _the spoken word.